Terms of Sales


The lease agreement is entered into between the parties for the rental of premises and spaces, as described under the “Designation of Premises” section of the Bylaws and Operating Rules.
The lease is entered into as a temporary and recreational residence.

In order to ensure that the premises meet the tenant’s accommodation needs on the one hand, and that the capacity is appropriate to organize the tenant’s event, it will be necessary to specify the number of persons who will be present on the premises during the rental period:

  • Total number of resident persons.
  • Total number of people present on the day of the event.

The lease is concluded between the parties on the basis of the number of persons mentioned by the lessee.
Validation of the reservation is made on the basis of this information which becomes contractual, so that if the number of people proves to be non-compliant with the information, the lessor has the right to refuse the additional persons, to request a supplementary tariff or to terminate the lease with immediate effect.
For this purpose, the lessor has the opportunity to check, at any time during the stay, that the occupation is in accordance with the contract.
In any case, the number of persons occupying a lodging must not exceed the capacity of this one. If the number of people is lower than expected, no rate reduction will be applied.


The duration of the lease is defined contractually between the lessee and the lessor.
The contract ceases automatically upon expiry of the term fixed in it, without the need to give leave. The rental can not be extended without the prior written consent of the owner.
Key collection and contradictory inventory will be established upon arrival at the venue.
The times of arrival and departure of the Domain will be fixed at the time of the establishment of the contract.


Rates are inclusive of all taxes and are payable by bank transfer, bank checks or cash. We also accept holiday checks.
The amount of the rent includes charges.
The lessee acknowledges having taken knowledge of the conditions of reservation, payment, cancellation and deposit of guarantee (or guarantee) as described in the corresponding paragraph of the rules of procedure and exploitation. He agrees to comply strictly under penalty of nullity of this contract. The lessee undertakes to respect and fulfill all the contractual obligations described in the following internal and operating rules, in particular as regards the use of the premises and their destination.


Validation of a reservation :
The rental is guaranteed only by the collection of payments, according to the following modalities:

  • 30% deposit on signing the contract.
  • Balance of the rent two weeks before the handing over of the keys.

Deposit or guarantee :
The lessee pays a security deposit at the latest on arrival, the amount of which is specified in the contract according to the accommodation and services chosen.
Otherwise, the contract is considered null and void.

The lessor reserves the right to proceed to the collection of the deposit if it deems it necessary. It will be returned to the lessee at the latest within 10 days from the departure of the lessee, after deduction of the amounts chargeable to the lessee for the purposes of restoration of the various places and repairs.

Conditions of cancellation and cancellation :

At the initiative of the lessee:

Any termination of the contract on the initiative of the lessee must be addressed to the lessor by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt at the address indicated at the beginning of the contract, the date of receipt by the lessor being taken as proof.
The deposit remains with the lessor, who may also claim the balance of the rental amount if the cancellation occurs less than 90 days before the scheduled date of entry into the premises.
If the lessee does not appear within 48 hours of the arrival date indicated in the contract, the contract will become void and the landlord may then dispose of the premises and claim the balance of the rental amount.
The amounts paid under the contract will remain with the lessor.
The deposit paid corresponds to the period initially stipulated in the contract and is not transferable to another period.
If the stay is shortened, or if the planned event does not take place, the rental price will remain with the lessor, there will be no refund.

At the initiative of the lessor:

In the event of termination of this contract by the lessor prior to the taking of premises, for any reason whatsoever except in case of force majeure as provided for by the regulations in force or by a third party, the lessor shall pay the lessee the double the amount of the deposit received.
In case of force majeure or because of a third party, another rental period will be offered to the lessee. If the latter can not accept the new period proposed, the lessor will then refund the deposit.

In both cases, the refund of the amounts due will be sent to the lessee by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 15 days from the notification of termination.


The premises are intended solely for residential use of residents to the exclusion of any other use. Their access is restricted to resident persons.
The landlord draws attention to the fact that access to lodgings is formally prohibited to non-residents. Failure to comply with this obligation will be considered by the lessor as a breach of the obligations of the lessee and will result in the termination of the contract with immediate effect.

The three awnings around the pool can be used to install guests.
The decoration must be done in accordance with the paragraph USE OF PREMISES – OBLIGATION OF THE TENANT.
The installation and installation of tents, barnums, tables, chairs or other on the green spaces of the Domain will be done with the written authorization of the landlord and notified in the lease.


The lessee will enjoy the rental in a peaceful way and make good use of it according to the destination of the premises. He has an obligation to occupy the premises personally and to maintain them.
The lessee is forbidden to attach any objects to the walls, furniture, woodwork, floors, ceilings, doors and windows, in any manner whatsoever, as well as to modify the existing installations or to carry out a special installation without prior authorization. from the lessor.
The state of the premises of the exit being the authentic, the whole of the material will have to be put back in the place which it occupied at the time of the entry in the places.
Animals are not allowed in the estate.
The use of confetti, streamers, smoke, candles, torches, fireworks, Japanese lanterns and any fire-based device is prohibited.
Vehicle parking is prohibited outside the designated areas defined upstream of the project.
The car park will be specifically marked.
Access to the Airial, vehicles, is prohibited as well as parking in the aisles.
Access to the electrical panel can only be done in the presence of the lessor.
The pool is strictly reserved for tenants (residents).
The pool is not supervised, children are admitted under the supervision of their parents.
For security reasons, keep the pool access gates closed.
The owners are not responsible.
Noise: Tenants must respect the neighborhood, no noise or noise that could harm other tenants.
Sound equipment is allowed under canopies within reasonable limits.
The lessees undertake to stay on the estate for the duration of the stay, and they will be the interlocutors of the landlord at any time during this period.
The rental is strictly non-smoking.
Barbecues and risky events require prior agreement from the lessor.
Camping tents, motorhomes and caravans are subject to the express authorization of the lessor at a location defined by the lessor.


The inventory and inventory of furniture and various equipment will be drawn up at the beginning and end of the stay jointly by the lessor and lessee. In case of impossibility to proceed to the inventory at the arrival, the lessee will have 24 hours to check the inventory displayed and report to the lessor the anomalies noted.
After this period, the rented goods will be considered as free from damage to the lessee’s entrance.
A contradictory inventory of exit must be established.
The lessee agrees that this inventory may be carried out either with the lessor or with a duly authorized representative. If the lessor finds damage after the departure of the lessee, he must inform the lessor within a week.
We expressly ask the lessee to arrive at least one hour before his first guests to have time to proceed with the inventory.


The lessee must clean and tidy the premises before his departure, so as to restore it in the state of order and cleanliness as noted on the inventory of places of entry.
Waste (empty bottles, papers, recyclables …) will have to be collected and evacuated by the lessee.
A flat rate of 100 euros will be applied and retained on the deposit in case of non-compliance with this clause.
The lessor reserves the right to apply an additional cost that will be retained on the deposit if the general condition of the premises and the field requires it.
The lessor is the sole judge of the need to apply an additional cost of cleaning and to determine the amount.


The lessor draws the lessee’s attention to the capacity of the premises and the importance of limiting access to the persons provided for in this contract, both in terms of personal safety and in terms of the risk of degradation of the premises. places.
The lessee acknowledges having read this, as well as the means put in place for the fight against fire, and must verify that the emergency exits are always free, both inside and outside.
The lessee agrees to use the premises as a good family man and to avoid as much noise as possible.
He undertakes to respect and to ensure respect by all present, the present contract and regulation as well as all the instructions of safety, prohibition of smoking and good use of the material.
In case of non-compliance with the latter, the lessee will be legally and financially responsible.
The taker and his guests must refrain from any access to the places not stipulated in the contract.
It is forbidden for children under 15 years old to remain unattended in the grounds of the estate, both inside and outside buildings.
The swimming pool is accessible from 10 am to 9 pm without possible derogation.


The lessee is held civilly liable for damage and other damages that may be caused to the lessor or third parties during the rental, by himself or by his guests, suppliers or service providers.
The lessee must provide a valid insurance certificate covering his liability beyond the defined deposit.
This responsibility is normally covered by standard “multi-risk” insurance. Nevertheless it is better to consult his insurer and mandatory to provide us with a certificate of insurance concerning the period of rental of the premises at least 30 days before the taking of places, under penalty of cancellation of this contract.
This certificate will specify the date and place of the stay.

The lessor declines all responsibility in the event of an accident occurring during the provision of the premises for the benefit of the lessee. Minor children remain under the close supervision of adults, and under their full responsibility.
The lessor declines all responsibility for damages of whatever nature (theft, damage, etc.) likely to reach the objects, effects or materials brought by the lessee or his guests (including vehicles parked in the car parks).


Only French law applies to this contract.
For all disputes that arise from the execution or interruption of this contract, only the courts of the location of the property subject to the lease are competent.